50 Best Nursing Careers Based on Salary and Demand

They may assist homebound patients or help hospitals and clinics dealing with nurse shortages.

IT jobs, in general, can often be work-at-home, but both the specific field of health IT and general IT usually require time working in an office environment and a high level of skill before transitioning to work-at-home. Phlebotomy is the process of making an incision in a vein with a needle. APN tips are featured throughout the chapters to help clinicians in their prescribing practices. Being creative and imaginative will give you the ability to pass on your knowledge and skills to professionals and paraprofessional colleagues.

  • Only a little over 4.
  • Let your supervisor know you’re willing to take on extra shift work.
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  • Promotes health and wellness offerings and provides health education tracking, support, and access to members.

It may seem unlikely that you can find a work-from-home job with your RN license. You can read my complete guide to becoming a health coach for all the details. Tutor kids or adults. Everybody needs a little help now and then and perhaps you were looking for some guidance as you were exploring a career as a home health aide or personal care aide. Plus, telehealth jobs can be part-time or full-time, meaning you can supplement your existing salary with extra funds through telemedicine work. However, the nurse practitioner career outlook is slated to grow even more quickly.

The specific averages vary depending on geographic region, and the report showed that RNs in California earned the highest annual salary with an average of $105,000, followed by the Northeast at $87,000. The position is entirely remote and comes with great benefits. Of course, you can also get away from working with people and instead work with pets! Many roles require an RN license. You will help patients through the treatment process by creating medical plans and overseeing the care of your patients. A registered nurse has to spend a lot of time in hospitals and clinics for their duties.

  • With over 5 million nursing jobs and the average salary of around $71,000, we could *estimate* that there was $355 billion dollars spent on salaries just for nurses!
  • By 2026, it is estimated that there will be some 3,393,000 RNs across the country compared to only 818,400 medical workers and 39,700 physician assistants.
  • Persons who either through age or disabilities require nursing care in a nursing home also require a great deal of patience and understanding.
  • In the present times, nurses have ample of opportunities to grow.
  • There are several factors that will drive annual RN salary growth over the course of the next five years.
  • Either way, this job lends itself to telecommuting, at least part of the time so you are able to consult from your home.

Work The Holidays 

17% of the RN population in the US. You stay up-to-date on the latest wound healing techniques and treatments so you can make recommendations on the best treatments to try. You could move your way up the career ladder in short order, moving from RN to head nurse, nurse manager, and various other positions. Or, you can just talk to people you know and tell them you’d love to be considered. For example, even if you’re a lawn care pro, you might not know how to bill for your time and service. Not having peers close by will mean becoming comfortable with making decisions and assessing challenging realities. They usually are going to want you to have one to two years of experience in the specialty area you’ll be traveling in.

08 Covance Covance has preclinical and clinical research operations in more than 25 countries and hires clinical research associates to work at home (with at least 65% travel) in specific locations in the U. Hospitals are a major employer of registered nurses. Long and tedious hours with high stress form part of this role, so providing for self-care and renewal for your staff is not optional. Both theory and practice are important: With the goal of improving patient health, telemedicine uses electronic communication to exchange medical information. Nurses may move into this work by learning on the job and eventually make the move to telecommuting full or, more likely, part-time. Thus learning to know the peculiarities of older persons via both experience and specialized study will make this job much more meaningful. The answer is yes — usually.


If you can avoid working in one of the larger metropolitan areas of a given state, you will typically be able to find much lower cost of living in smaller cities and towns. Medication administration will probably be included in your tasks. If this type of schedule interests you, then check out the iMedX careers page. One such position is the Care Review Clinician, in which you’ll provide a variety of services to healthcare providers, patients, and the Molina team. However, there are some required in-person meetings. This brought an entire employment – just for nurses – to over 5 million jobs. If you are on the West Coast, you could pick up a night shift in New York that wouldn’t keep you up as late.

Work In A High-paying Specialty

HealthHelp posts work-from-home opportunities for RNs. In nursing, salaries increased, on average, about 1. These positions usually require a Bachelor's Degree along with an RN or an RD (Registered Dietitian) license. Let’s take a look at the common places that hire nurses to work from home. Nurses, like everyone else, are interested in moving up the pay scale as much as possible, especially in leaner economic times. Legal nurse consultants or nurse attorneys are responsible for providing their knowledge and medical expertise to healthcare organizations, insurance companies, attorneys, judges and other legal entities. I suggest keeping your bookmarks updated with job search sites like Indeed and SnagAJob and sign up for their email alerts for jobs that match your interests. WellStar hires RNs to work as remote case managers.

30 an hour, and if they earn overtime pay, this goes up to $53. Take a look at Molina Healthcare’s career page to see if any of the postings are a good match for your experience. Talk about rewarding! Yes, you'll have to evaluate that decision against the cost (both in money and work-life balance) of earning a more advanced degree. Some agencies provide healthcare services to patients who can’t leave their homes. Yes, there are certainly benefits but it is work and you need to be prepared just as you would any other home health job. There’s a minimum salary as a home health aide (HHA) and really no maximum! A legal nurse consultant will share health care knowledge with lawyers on cases like:

For example, nurses who work in emergency rooms late at night in heavily populated areas are exposed to dangerous activity, which may call for a salary increase. They enjoy high average salaries, job stability, and solid employee benefits. Usually requires a fair amount of travel; on some job postings, it's 70 to 80 percent travel time. Since most telemedicine companies pay per consult, infrequent patients mean you’re sitting idly at your desk without getting paid. If you do, you could offer your expertise as a consultant on any cases they might be working on. With an ADN, for example, you will perform only basic RN tasks and earn an average of $72,780 a year. Nursing has selling thrift store finds on etsy can more than one person sell on etsy pattern page considered a flexible career choice for years.

50 Ways to Start Your Own Business and Operate Completely Online

Aside from measuring vitals, critical care nurses need to perform procedures, treat wounds, administer IV fluids, and communicate with patients’ families. They help patients in making informed decision regarding their care while at the same time helping the hospital in delivering only the necessary procedures as well as avoiding lengthy hospital stays. Keeping staff abreast of all that is required and changes needed in approaches means constant learning and awareness. If you see a glitch or something incredibly unlikely direct all your complaints my way. The company seeks work from home Telephonic Support Nurses with current RN certification to provide support with medical terminology, issues, and more. And so, we refocused. There are family practice physicians and others who see a wide range of clients and who may want a nurse practitioner to care for, and follow up some of those clients. It lists its VPS Data Abstractor position as a remote position for physicians, respiratory therapists, and RNs.

Specialties: Pediatric nurse

In some areas, a nursing home provides care for persons who are no longer acutely ill and therefore do not require hospitalization, but are not well enough to be discharged to home care. This is because the much baby boomer generation will have already reached retirement age and the number of people entering retirement will start to slow. In the past, I have received offers for $65/hour for telemedicine positions (not to mention you get to work from home). Specifically, RN jobs in outpatient care centers that provide same-day procedures, like chemotherapy, some surgeries, and rehabilitation, are expected to see faster than average growth. If you are thinking of ways to earn more money either to pay off student loans or create your emergency fund, here are some of the little-known ways how nurses can earn more money:

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data. My first bachelors direct selling advertising ideas world best mlm business was in Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical physics and my second bachelors was nursing. The most common job available through this company is a medical case manager. It hires medical writers and clinical research associates (CRA)for work-at-home positions. Know yourself, and how you respond under pressure, in life and death situations, and your ability to handle failure. Coordination of continuing and in-service education is also part of the charge nurse’s role.

  • Though this approach takes a bit more research and effort, the profit potential is far, far higher.
  • When deciding how to make extra money as a nurse, some savvy RNs find that nursing side jobs can help them achieve their goals.
  • Below are just a few of the ways you can start earning extra today.
  • By being tuned in to reality of professionals who are where you were a few years ago will make you a welcome mentor for others.
  • Thanks, Maggie Mailbin yahoo.
  • The state where you choose to practice will also have a significant impact on your salary.
  • Actual salaries will vary greatly based on your specialization, location, years of experience, and a variety of other factors.

Along with Salary What Other Benefits Will I Be Eligible to Receive as an RN?

Some of the areas that pay the best can have a high cost of living. Most RN workers in the United States today (50%) have a four-year BSN degree, and this trend is expected to continue well into the future. Or maybe you just really want to take a trip somewhere and need a little extra cash. For a brand new grad nurse that is great pay. The growing American economy has caught up in the health care sector too. It sounded like the PERFECT job for me. But the role does not stop with the delivery as many nurse midwives also are involved in follow up care of the mother and newborn infant. Even more legitimate work from home jobs, it’s another company that offers remote jobs in a wide range of fields. You can make money from subscription fees and seeing your notes.

Keeping up staff morale may be a challenge; paraprofessionals who accept a position because of the need for employment, but resent a heavy, literally and figuratively speaking, work load will look to you to keep a positive environment.


But listen, I have a wife and two kids. The industry in which you work is a huge deciding factor when it comes to your salary, so it is wise to consider which industry you would like to enter after graduating nursing school. When you obtain the right certifications for the right employers, you become invaluable – and your salary reflects it. Part of this has to do with the amount of knowledge, skill, and sheer work ethic it takes to be successful as an RN. 13 Health Net Health Net, a health insurance company operating in 27 states, hires nurses as case managers, care coordinators, and care managers with the option to telecommute. I have my own car and am ambulatory.

Signing on with companies like Johnson & Johnson or Medtronic as a sales rep can be a stress-free way to pad your income. You will need an advanced degree, certification, and more than a few years of experience as you assess, plan, and follow up professional and paraprofessionals caring for persons in their home. Being able to properly interpret a patients medical records and assign the right codes on their bills is essential in preventing financial, legal and numerous other issues from occurring and ensuring proper payments are received for services provided to the patient.

Nurses also provide education to patients and caregivers about immunizations vaccine and side effects. 47 an hour ($58,770 and $88,350 annually) and are a more accurate representation of what to expect later in your career. You’ll be reviewing and providing abstraction services for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit registry data using medical records, so you’ll need to have professional experience in a PICU/NICU unit. Among careers requiring associate’s or baccalaureate degrees, registered nursing is one of the highest paid. 70% 2023 $83,080 $1,670 2.

10 Real Ways Nurses Can Make Extra Money

I think that nurses can make good money and should make good money. Other terms to search for are Healthcare Sales Rep, Clinical Marketing Manager, and Clinical Sales Representative. The company has a strong focus on bilingual patients, and especially encourages bilingual nurses to apply. For example, BLS lists the average hourly wage of an RN in New York at $41. UnitedHealth Group hires registered nurses for telecommuting positions as well as others with experience in the insurance industry. To be 28 and focused on being a registered nurse with a concentration of working in operating room says a lot about your mindset. These nurses often provide life-saving care.

As an RN, you will likely assist patients by phone as they work through their home care regime. Providing work from home RN jobs to clinical care managers, nurse consultants and other RNs, this healthcare and life insurance company has regular, telecommute positions available for residents of the US. This means you’ll need to be able to gauge your patients’ responses to anesthesia pre- and post-operation, which requires quick discernment in emergency situations. Self-care is important too.

For example, if you made some crafts, all you have to do is list the product on their website, maybe advertise it a bit, and then ship it out once you’ve sold them. Though these ailments differ from other issues most nurse practitioners address, psychiatric care has its own unique rewards. This can be from daycare centers to local pools! How do I become a medical transcriptionist: This is where the location in which you’ll be working is key. In most fields, furthering your education can help propel you to the next phase of your career. Work-life balance with weekends and holidays off. If you are open to working the holiday season, you will be able to cash in on some great holiday rates (typically 1. )